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Personalise your event with a full featured iOS & ANDROID app from evento
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  • Help sponsors and increase revenue
  • Create year round connected communities
  • Stimulate Buzz with live event feeds
  • Enhance entrants experience with up to date info.
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key features

Live Timing

Most timing companies are able to provide us with LIVE timing data however, it may be an additional cost set by your timing company. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to discuss and negotiate with their timing company how Live timing will be provided to the evento app.

Race Information

Place all information about the event such as rules, assistant guide lines, facilities at each check point into a list removing the need to produce a paper guide book. Information can be updated any time via our web interface.

Course Maps

Course maps can be displayed in either JPG or PNG format. Maps can NOT be updated or changed once the custom branded APP is published in the App stores. Maps can be zoomed in & out with the standard pinch type actions of your device. All course maps need to be supplied by the event organiser.

Gps Tracking

Track athletes real time position and speed on the course, using the athletes mobile for courses in cellular coverage or 3rd party external trackers for more remote courses. GPS tracking is perfect for cycle races where cyclists usually carry their mobile.


A feature if your entrants are required to carry compulsory equipment. Entrants can tick off items on the checklist to make sure they have packed the items. Entrants can add additional personal items to the checklist.


A list of event schedule times can be updated anytime via our web interface. Detailed view shows location on a google map. Locations can be inputted via a street address or google map lat & long for remote locations. If no location is specified the map displays a default hard coded image.

News and Updates

Snippets of news can be added via the web interface along with accompanying photos. If no photo is uploaded a default image that is hard coded in the App will display. Such as your event logo. This feature is used to display one topic and not for large traditional newsletters. This means information can be added often encouraging users to return to the App.


You can provide links to results in PDF format or a website that your timing company provide. Please note the results ( PDF's etc ) are not stored by Evento and the event organiser needs to provide a link to where they are on the internet.


Typically Responsive

The evento mobile app scales beautifully to different Devices.

Evento is the ideal solution for your company, your entrants and your sponsors.

  • Fully branded and integrated with your timing data.
  • Makes a great impression on your entrants and sponsors
  • Promises you an eye catching design
  • Is flexible to follow your event needs
  • Generate additional revenue by offering sponsors in-app advertising space
  • Enhanced profile and more

Make real-time changes to your evento app via our CMS

Chrome iPad

the evento mobile app supports Android and iOS.

We have made our App available on Android and iOS, 80% of the mobile market
Easy to manage, fully branded, awesome support team
Personalise with evento, mobilise your event
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